The Arabians of Baghdad

Artist: Kate Mallinger

“ . . .the wild ,free horses are so exciting, vibrant and daring anyone to stop them! You so capture action and spirit—and the colors . . . are as strong as the emotion of their movement. The wild and seemingly uncontrolled brush work competes your spontaneous moment—Bravo!” —–Wilke, Renowned fabric artist with works displayed in the Albuquerque Museum, Albuquerque, NM

This painting was inspired by a black and white sketch found on the wall of one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces in Baghdad, Iraq, 2004. (Artist unknown)

It immediately struck me and I quickly sketched a rough copy on the back of my airline ticket (the only paper I had available), desperate not to forget it.

I was mesmerized by the Mongolian influence—the elongated noses and shape of the horses. Although the sketch was only flowing black lines, I attempted to keep the original feel but believed the addition of color would emphasize the nature and wildness of the horses.

The Arabians of Baghdad. Pastel on paper. Framed w/Plexiglas, 43” X 57”.

Rainbow’s Edge

Artist: Kate Mallinger

This painting was 1 of 2 commissioned by Roanoke, VA resident. It represents her horse.

Rainbow’s Edge. Acrylic collage on stretched canvas . 16” X 20”.

Woodland Spirit

Artist: Kate Mallinger

Woodland Spirit

This painting was 2 of 2 commissioned by Roanoke, VA resident, representing her other horse.

Woodland Spirit. Acrylic collage on stretched canvas. 16” X 20”.

Blue Dancers

Artist: Kate Mallinger

Blue Dancers

This painting was strictly a study piece—a copy of Degas’ Blue Dancers. I paged through my 20 lb. book, Paintings in the MUSEE D’ORSAY, and this one inspired me. Also it was the first time I worked with encaustics—pigmented, melted wax. Very fun!

Owned by Cindy Mallinger
Copy of Degas’ Blue Dancers. Encaustic on encauticbord. 16” X 20”.

Ghosts of the Carmague

Artist: Kate Mallinger

Ghosts of the Carmague

Ghosts of the Carmague, 24X36 acrylic collage on canvas.


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